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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Some things to have a look at...

There were some interesting articles in last week's newspaper magazines - Just say no looks at the 'new puritans' - young people in their teens and 20s that are in support of ethical living and 'against' drugs, drinking, overeating and consumerism. One of the people involved in the article is Katie Harrison, who has set up a not-for-profit natural spring water company called Frank. I encountered Frank at Greenbelt and thought it was an excellent idea, as all the profits are given to support clean water projects (in India I think).

Another interesting article was in the Guardian Weekend magazine last Saturday called Dirty Young Men. The editors from FHM, Nuts, Zoo and Loaded defend the misogyny in their magazines... interesting stuff.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Awesome Week

I had an absolutely awesome time at Cliff College... the whole week gave me so much life although I was absolutely shattered this morning! I PROMISE to post in more detail about it but I have spent some time setting up the new Youth Mission and Ministry blog and I want to chill a bit before normal life kicks in tomorrow. I have spread the word about blogging and hopefully the new blog is the start of an online community. Fantastic. Just to warn you, I am doing a couple of essays on a comparison of the family in biblical and contamporary times and looking at the effect that the media has on life expectations for young people... I am going to look at contemprary films with a theme of hope and/or redemption I think. As a starter for 10, can you let me know if you have seen Batman Begins, Bullet Boy, 13 and Donnie Darko. This would be especailly helpful if you are under 18! Anyway, it is great to be home and it is also wonderful to be studying again. It beings so much life to me and it is also great to apply directly to things that I feel so passionately about. I have had lots of God challenges as well, although I need to formulate them a little more before I post about them.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

New Adventure - How Exciting!

How exciting!! I won't be posting for a few days as I am about to start a new course at Cliff College - a Diploma in Youth Mission and Ministry. It is very new as I am one of the first students to ever do it. I am really looking forward to meeting new people, discussing youth issues and having my brain expanded. I am there all week and will attempt to write up some of my reflections when I get back.

Friday, October 14, 2005

New Feminym Blog

A great new blog launched yesterday called Fem in YM, which is a blog on women in youth ministry. It looks as if there will be some good discussion, so keep an eye on it!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Youth Weekend

Aaaahh. Had a great weekend away, involving Bop it, the beach, sardines, lots of love, confession including red paper and baby talcum powder, me saying a number of ridiculous comments, a tense game of Scene It finishing at 145am and crazy golf. I feel shattered but I am relieved that everything went well and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves. It is so cool to see the way that relationships can develop over 2 days and how many memories can be created. We looked at the subject of love and thought about loving God, loving ourselves, loving others, loving the world and remembering that God is love. John 3:16 managed to appear in every session and I was blown away once again by the power of 1 John 4:7-12.

One thing I am struggling with at the moment is striking the balance between being relaxed and laid back with the young people (which means that I accidentally come out with some hilarious things) and also ensuring that the young people are able to respect me and take the things that I say seriously. I am getting a little concerned abou it so I need to come before God and let him work on my character and ease my fears and insecurities. After all, he loves me and we=special (thanks Roothie)...

West Wing Season 6

I don't regularly watch any TV programmes - I have made a conscious decision not to watch Lost and I never really got into 24, although I have watched the first 2 hours and thought it looked brilliant. The main reason I don't regularly watch programmes is because I work such odd hours and I end up missing loads of episodes. However, my one exception (or weakness?) is the West Wing. A friend lent me the first half of Season One and I was hooked. Anyway, Season 6 has just been released on DVD and it arrived on Thursday. Due to the Youth Weekend, I have only managed to watch the first 3 episodes but I have watched enough to know it is still fantastic... I just love it cos the scripts are intelligently written, the actors are great and Martin Sheen makes a great American President - apparently, a number of people would prefer that he was actually the President rather than George Bush.

Anyway, it is great and I am hooked... I was talking to a friend the other day about the lack of discipline that DVDs bring. At least with the TV, you have to hang on for a week to watch the next installment, no matter how gripping the cliffhanger. However, with DVDs the temptation is too great to press play and watch the next one and the next... I am sure there is a talk here somewhere about spiritual disciplines, patience and TV programmes. Hhhmm will keep you posted if I manage to write it into a session!