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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We are family

Sophia is now over a month and we are all getting to know each other. These are such special but tiring times. Daniel decided today that he wanted to wear pants and is doing really well - this is a massive step for all of us, especially as we use reusables and saving the planet one nappy at a time can get a little icky at times.

Youth Ministry 3.0

Feeding Sophia at all times of the day and night is giving me lots of time to think and pray. I keep considering the way we do church and youth ministry in particular. My head is buzzing eith loads of things, partly fuelled by SPring Harvest. In lots and lots of ways, I love it and think it has tackled some relevant and much needed subjects in the last few years. This year focussed on 'The APprentice' the way Jesus taught and we learn. One of the things it highlights to me is the importance of learningin smaller groups and that more often than not, God challenges and shapes us through the act of living and making us vulnerable to those in our community, in places where we have the opportunity to hear and also be heard. It is somewhat ironic when people discuss the need for this kind of set up when leading huge seminars that are basically proven to not be effective places of learning!

In my jumbled head, it links with an excellent article in this month's Youthwork, called Youth Ministry 3.0, which basically asserts that a lot of youth ministry is inefective and needs to change. It verbalised a lot of what I have been thinking. I am just praying that God will show me the way to go and give me the courage to look to Him and move forwards...