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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Jackie Pullinger

I went to a conference on Saturday where Jackie Pullinger was speaking. Jackie works in Hong kong and wrote a great book called Chasing the Dragon. Here's a couple of my personal highlights:
  • Jackie was talking about Matthew 25 when Jesus is talking about separating the sheep and the goats, and he says 'For when I was hungry you gave me something to eat...' She made the point that we don't need to pray when we encounter poeple in need, because we don't need to pray about the things that we have been told to do.
  • Jackie was also talking about the relationship between men and women and said some really good stuff, including, 'I don't care to be equal with a man. I just want to be secure in my relationship with my father .'
  • She also talked about the need to raise up our young people to have perserverance. She said that many young people have soft feet and hard hearts when they should have hard feet and soft hearts.

Those far too brief summaries are just some of the things that she said. Any comments?!?


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