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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

See you in a week and a half...

Well, the start of 2006 has not been great from a blogging perspective, in that I haven't really said a lot. Normal service (whatever that is) will resume soon but at the moment I have got laods of exciting work stuff going on and the next essay is due in in a week and a half so I am pretty busy. And a lot of my work stuff is fairly intensive at the computer as I am preparing for some training sessions, so what with that and prep for the essay, the last thing I normally feel like doing when I have a spare couple of mins is sitting at my desk! So... my life in anutshell is:

  • had a great drinks do before Christmas when around 30 neighbours came around for drinks. Was a great chance to build some community although I haven't seen many of them since... not taking it personally
  • Pete and Susie came around for dinner which was great, although there were a few odd and peculiar moments, most originating from me....
  • We found a strangled pigeon buried in our back garden next to an egg. Is it just me or is that a little bit weird?
  • The young people put together a great worship event on Sunday night. We went for a jazz cafe feel and it was awesome. And several lads turned up that haven't been to an official church service type thing before!
  • Thanks Phil for pointing out this great article about young people
  • My head hurts cos I am thinking of about a million things at once but I love it and I love studying... woo hoo. Will write reflections on the essay when I have finished...
  • We used the JCB song as a prayer/response during Passion[fruit]. It was cool.


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