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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The essay is in... hallelujah!

Well, normal life resumes as my essay is in and I can do something other than work, research or typing. It is somewhat ironic that I told all my course mates about the wonders of blogging but since starting the course have blogged considerably less...

I have to be honest, work life at the moment is pretty hard, with lots of balls in the air that I am trying hard not to drop. One of the things that has been v exciting has been some training that I have been running at my church, with the aim of reviewing the youth work at the church. It is running over 3 weeks; the first week we looked at the world of the 21st century young person, this week we looked at faith development and ethics of evangelism and discipleship and next week we are thinking about the vision for the youth work and reviewing the current activities. It has been great as such a variety of people have been attending, including volunteers, a young person, parents, grand parents and interested others. Everyone has got really involved in discussions and it has been good to see people coming from a variety of perspectives. It has been great to have Pete involved with the training and get his input. I suppose the best bit for me has been growing more aware of those in the church that are fired up to reach out to young people, acknowledging that this may not always be easy and there may be challenges ahead. God is really working through this, I am sure and it has been a positive learnign experience to plan and facilitate.

And now for something completely different... thanks Sarah for pointing out this website of 'movie parodies in bun-o-vision.' Have a look. No really, it is genius.


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