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Friday, September 01, 2006

Bathroom MAdness

Still intending to finish posting about the Blue Lagoon and the Big Chill... and Greenblet... and some thoughts on mentoring! However, at the mo we are living at Neil's parents and I have limited Internet access so the blog remains neglected... sob! Still working on a college assignment connected with mentoring, although I am really excited about the impact that it may have on youthwork at EBC and reflecting on where God is leading us.

I am also trusting God that the baby will not make an early appearance as our house is a building site - literally - and the nursery remains unfit for a baby...

All good fun. I am sure once I am on maternity leave, blogging will be much more regular, new born babies just sleep all the time don't they? As if...


Blogger Suzanne said...

Hey Amanda!

I can't believe it - I've got myself online hunting down old mates and, via Phil's site, I've found not only you, but baby too!! That's sooo cool! Congratulations. I'm so chuffed for you both and happy to hear what you've been up to. I just set up my blog this week - I've been itching to have something called Suz News for ages since I have the perfect surname for it now, and hopefully will keep putting random thoughts and happenings up there, so take a look before you get too busy ; ) When is mini Roper due?
No sign of babies for us - not for a long while - but I'm still in Auckland, still with Gav (3 years this month - that's a good thing!) and looking forward to Summer. We'll have to catch up by email or something - you can get me on suz_loves_gav 'at opposite of cold mail dot com' : )

Take care xxx Suz

9:27 AM  

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