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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I heard a snippet of the speech that Tony Blair made at the Labour Conference yesterday, and thought a part of it was worth a mention. He said something along the lines of:

'The British public will forgive a bad decision. What they won't forgive is making no decision.'

I started thinking about this point of view in other contexts and whether I believed it to be true. I know that there are times when i have backed away from making a decision and it has blown up in my face, when really the best way forward would have been to have taken courage and gone for something, facing the consequences either way. I suppose it largely depends on the nature and scale of the decision. As I was saying to Neil, I do wonder whether this statement is always true. For example, if Blair was referring to the war in Iraq, then I wonder whether people would agree that a bad decision was better than no decision.

In my own context, I think it comes down to being sure of whether God is leading me and leading the church. It is only my confidence in him that leads me into scary waters when I am really a bit of a chicken. However, trying to follow God and his heart means that I can follow through even unpopular decisions... at least, that is the theory....


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