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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back from hols

I am trying to get back into work after 2 weeks off and am currently feeling organised as I have not only done a comprehensive to do list, but mapped out how I will fit it all in in the next four weeks! Impressive... now I just have to give the office the annual tidy and get things moving on the nursery front.

We had a great time away both in Malta and at the Big Chill. I think one of the best elements of the holiday was how well me and Neil got on. It was just great fun to be with him, he really is my most favourite person to be around! We are both aware that the impending due date of Baby R (under 11 weeks!!) is goign to signal a change that we can never fully prepare for, but the pregnancy has been a great time of enjoying being with one another and imagining the future.

Malta was a good place, although our resort ws nothing special and the hotel wasn't great. As I said, though, the time spent together made it an amazing time away. One of the highlights was taking a bus to the capital Valetta. We got there on a Maltese yellow bus; this is an adventure in itself as they can be quite rickety but are dirt cheap, 23 cents one way, which is around 40p for a trek across the island. The place was full of character and, thanks to a tip off from the guide book, we had lunch at an unimpressive looking hotel called the Bristish Hotel. However, the food was good and the views overlooking the Grand Harbour were amazing. There is no point linking to the website as it is naff and doesn't do any justice to the place.

However, my favourite place by far was the Blue Lagoon... sorry will have to finish this another time as the stupid computer just lost half the post... tbc