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Sunday, June 17, 2007


I asked a couple of young people this morning why they should obey God, as part fo a seesion on obedience. An 11 year old lad said 'because he is the king of kings.' Good answer.


PAssion[fruit] is the weekly youth service at my church. I have been involved with it since I started work here and it has been so exciting to see it grow. The idea is to relaease the young people to lead and plan the event themselves, and it is such a privilege to see them grapple with the Bible and subjects and form a service. Things have not always gone smoothly and several ideas that were incredible and powerful concepts haven't always worked. I have sometimes been given a hard time about this, but for me the point always was to create a space for authentic worship and for young people to test their gifts and lead their peers (and elders) in a response to our awesome creator.

Tonight 'worked well'. Good numbers, tight band, 2 fantastic videos made by young people, home made biscuits, great atmosphere, wonderful talk. This was great, but it has been just as exciting being part of the journey to get this far. Now we need to get some of the younger ones involved - the circle of life, or the circle of Passion[fruit, at least.