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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Pink Stinks

In honour of this wonderful website, the pink has gone from my blog template. Eugh.

The future beckons

I have been taking some sixth form lessons in a local school recently and it has been one of those times when I feel that I have learnt more than they did! It was a new lesson looking at how to live the whole of life well for ourselves and others... quite an undertaking in an hour. We have been talking about what people want to do in life and how they want to be remembered. It has been largely positive, although slightly depressing when one group could think of very little that they felt passionate about, but couldn't stop taling about X factor. Delving deeper, I discovered people with a love of politics, a fair few wanting to be teachers, lawyers, doctors, journalists and people wanting to fight climate change. Lots of people wanted to travel but very few were planning on taking a gap year before uni. It was also great to hear that a number wanted to raise a family, and saw it as very important that their children were raised in a secure environment. As I told them in hopefully a not too cheesy way, I get so excited in youth work about the potential in every young person and I encouraged them to follow their dreams. It was a genuine privilege to hear them talking about their hopes and I pray that they are fulfilled.