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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bike Thieves!

Hhhmmm. I am not happy this morning. I left my bike locked up outside a train station in Enfield yesterday and it got stolen at some point during the day. I love cycling and the bike was a birthday present from Neil a few years back. It was very special to me and we had been on many adventures together. Anyway, someone decided that they wanted my bike more than me and clipped through the lock and rode off into the sunset.

Although me and Neil talked about the fact that it is only a possession and therefore not that important, it still doesn't feel v nice to have something pinched. And the bike was a lovely yellow colour. It shall be greatly missed!

I was praying for the bike to be waiting outside the house when we got home in a minor bike miracle but it was not to be. That would have been a cool story though - a bike with a magic homing device.

So, if anyone sees a black and yellow Giant bike with 21 gears on their travels, point it back towards my house.

RIP my lovely bike - you shall be greatly missed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda,
I am sooo sorry to hear about your bike and can understand how you must feel I recently got a bike for my 18th birthday from by boyfriend so we can seek out our own adventures like Bonnie and Clyde and so I can understand the emotions attached to that bike.
Yes It may be just a material thing but that does not mean its ok! What has Enfield turned into we must all pray that Enfield bacomes a safe place again.
I do hope your bike appears but some how I doubt it, maybe we might see it on an advert lying in a bin the advert would be for lost bikes club come adopt today!!
Well if I see it I'll call you. I'll keep praying untill then!!!

It one takes one match to start a fire!

9:17 PM  
Anonymous wais said...

Dan's bike got stolen a while ago, methinks there is a bike thief roaming Enfield... even if Dan lives in Palmers Green...

But hey, everything happens for a reason, right? Who knows, maybe it got stolen so you wouldn't have an accident. That's a pleasant thought I'm sure :)

All the same. Whoever stole the bike has punishment enough in doing something morally wrong. I have a theory that there's another dimension where people's souls reside, and a tainted soul, no matter whether it's by a serious crime or maliciously hurting somebody... a tainted soul is worse than any punishment you could ever get.

I wasn't talking about hell by the way!! Sorry for the random thought there :D


10:03 AM  
Anonymous Keith said...

I thought it was about time I had another look at your blog. After all, it's on my Favourites List (but near the bottom). You don't seem to have written much since you lost your bike, sorry to hear about that. Was your inspiration ridden away with it in the saddlebag? The best way of detering bike thieves is to paint the cycle rust-coloured and coat it with mud. At least that's the way my son does it, and he hasn't had one stolen yet.
And why do American cheesecakes look like toasters or a funny shaped microphone?
What I really wanted to say was, since you're obviously keen on putting stuff on the web, why don't you and your tribe of yoof resurrect the Yoofzone page on our church website? That tripod thing didn't last very long either. Shall I put a link to your blog somewhere? Brad is getting a bit interested in web design so you could talk to him as well. Keep praying and blogging.
God bless, Keith.

11:49 AM  

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