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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Prayer Room

Yay! We have got some funds to decorate a prayer room at church. I am looking for ideas for the prayer room that:
  • encourage people to pray
  • are permanent (when we did a prayer room before it only lasted a few weeks but this will be here forever!)

Get thinking and let me know any ideas....

I am also looking for some willing and able decorators and interior designers...


Blogger Miawo said...

i think a graffiti wall works quite well cos you can add to it anytime with anything and do drawings and stuff and wen its gets full you can just take down the paper move it and put a new one up or wen prayers are answered you can tick them off. just a suggestion katxxx

5:17 PM  
Blogger Daniel Bennett said...

Not a specific idea as such but I think it's important to make it very busy and have lots of things going on. Provocative images, stories from newspapers, bright colours. Things to stimulate a conversation, not lull people to sleep.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous wais said...

I don't think it should "lull people to sleep" but I think there has to be a balance between creating serenity as well as motivation. It can be difficult to talk a little deeper with God in a chaotic atmosphere. Maybe if you just did a sort of calming wall colour (blue sponge effect or something) but put newspaper stories and the like in as well... and there's something productive and oddly satisfying about writing on walls. If you need stepladders and paintbrushes etc. let me know because I repainted my room last summer.

6:12 PM  

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