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Saturday, July 09, 2005


We had a great session with Disciple the other week, which is the Bible Study group for Years 7-9. The previous week had involved looking at the subject of worship, so we then had a worship practical. The practical explored ways that young people can worship God in their own personal spaces, and took the emphasis away from singing as the main way to worship. One of the things that people did was to write acrostic poems and I thought they were superb. Here's a couple:

Forgiving all sins
All you have to do
Is pray
Then god will forgive you and the
Holy spirit will reign again....
.....all it takes is a little faith

Father of all and father of me
Awesome and mighty yet you let me just be
True to your word even when I can't see it
How gracious you are even when I can't feel it
Echoed through creation is your power and might, yet you're
Right there beside me in the darkest of nights.

Father God I love you

Amazing grace
Beautiful face
Caring majesty
Dad of me
Everlasting king, what a
Fantastic thing
Gracious messiah, you are
Incredible teacher
Joyful preacher
Life dealer
Mind healer
Never ending son, the
Only one, you're
Powerful now
Queens and kings will bow
Righteous, victorious
Simply glorious, who's
Terrific and true
Unbelievably it's you!
Vile things will crumble
Wicked towers will crumble
Xenophilic and calm
Yahweh, you are! You are a
Zealous God!!!


Blogger scottytoohotty said...

Wow ! And this is from years 7-9 ! There's some amazing stuff there.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Amy said...

Your younger bible study are very talented and shows just what amazing and creativity we can achieve when we put our minds to it. The last poem is great.x

8:21 PM  

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