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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Blobs!

I had a get together with a few of the young people last Wednesday and we spent some time reflecting on the last year and thinking and praying about the new school year. We ate honey and sucked lemons to reflect on the sweet and sour times in the last year and we talked and prayed about how there will be sweet and sour times this year but that we can trust in God throughout. However, the thing that was really popular was the blob tree. I picked up a whole book of blobs at Greenbelt and used them for the first time last week. The blob tree was phenomenally popular and generated some really good discussions and thought as we considered which blob we felt we were at the moment and which blob we wanted to be in a year's time. We also thought about this for school, church/God and mates. People came out with some amazing insights and I will definitely use the blobs again! If you have never heard of them and think I am sounding a little crazy, look at the website to find out more. They are a really useful tool as a discussion starter and i hope to use them to dig a bit deeper in the future.


Blogger Phil Goodacre said...

Blob trees are good, but I love the idea of sucking lemons and eating honey. Definitely using that one....

11:40 PM  

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