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Saturday, August 13, 2005

'How are you?' 'Oh, you know, busy...'

...seems to me that whenever I ask someone how they are, or if someone asks me how I am that this is our response. How did we all get so busy?

Had a really busy week trying to sort out everything for the autumn term and for the rest of the year before Merseyfest and holiday and it is 955pm, I haven't packed yet and I am still finishing off emails and programmes. Now undoubtedly this is partly cos I still struggle with time management and I blog at inappropriate times (ie now) but this isn't the whole story. I am often busy with work and when I am not working I am busy seeing friends and family and when I am not doing that me and Neil are busy with one thing or another...

And most people that I know are the same. And yet I have an inkling that perhaps it is not meant to be this way and God is more interested in us following his path for us than busying ourselves with all this stuff. It is sometimes hard though, isn't it? Finding stillness and quiet to hear God's voice to know when to be active and when to rest. It's hard to not strive to look good by doing many things and it is sometimes hard to know what things to do and what things to not do, what to commit to etc when there is so much that would be great to be involved with.

When I was at Carroty Wood the other week one of the girls did an impression of me during a drama. It involved me being fairly scatty (true - I had to borrow money of young people yesterday when I left my wallet at home) and well, busy. And I am pretty sure that that is not what God wants me to portray to the young people that I am privileged to be with.

For those of you that are Christians that read my wafflings, could you please pray that I would get some rest over the next couple of weeks and that I would find time to chill in God's presence and, through that, seek his direction. 'Be still and know that I am God...' Psalm 46:10


Blogger Pete Lev said...

We'll be praying! Good post - thanks!

6:10 PM  
Blogger Suse said...

Well I didn' realise you had a blog either! Gravy! Cool post girl!

See you in September

11:26 AM  
Blogger Helen said...

Hey, I totally agree with you. It's so difficult especially when lots of really 'important' things crop up not to say 'no' or even 'wait'! I'm trying to learn about priorities and boundaries at the moment and that's really helpful in saying no. Sometimes that means that people might be let down, but hey, frankly who cares sometimes? (does that sound too mean?) What's most important is doing the thing that God is asking us to do and not the things that other people are asking us to do!

2:28 PM  
Blogger edwardjackson3192 said...

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12:43 PM  

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