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Monday, July 18, 2005

Carroty Wood

Phew! I am spending the day recovering from the youth group's yearly trip to Carroty Wood. We had a great time with fantastic weather, although thankfully there wasn't too much sun burn! It is interesting to see the different dynamics when you take away different groups of young people. This year, there was a fairly mixed age range, running from year 6s to Year 12s and everyone got on really well and mucked in together. There was a great team of leaders sorting everything out and - perhaps even more surprising - we had really friendly and helpful coach drivers on both journies!

One of my favourite moments was the night walk on the first night, which had an extra twist as a number of the leaders had been kidnapped and needed to be found by the young people. It became even more interesting as the leaders accompanying the young people also had no idea where they were... twas great fun!

Another 'hilight' was the water slide that I bought recently... A hose attaches to a large piece of plastic and it squirts water out creating an amazing water slide that runs along the grass for 6.5 metres! At least that was the idea - the reality was a little more pathetic and, in truth didn't really work! I had been hyping this up to the other leaders for weeks and was v excited about it. Never mind...

The whole thing was great fun and wonderful for building relationships and creating brilliant memories - I now need to decide what we are doing next year!


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