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Friday, September 23, 2005


Last Sunday night was the first Passion[fruit] of the new academic year. It is the name for our youth - style service thing at the church that I work at and I think that it was a great night. We were looking at the theme of Make Poverty History and had a most excellent guest speaker Lewis. One of the most creative bits was the DVD that some of the young people made. The storyline revolves around the story of three ordinary lads sitting around watching TV. One of them decides to eat the slightly squashy banana... however, this was no ordinary banana - it was a fair trade banana - and when the lad ate it, he became the Fairtrade Fairy. The other two ate it and became Ecology Boy and Campaign Man aka the justice squad. They were now ready to fight poverty and fight the mouldy black swiss cheese that was on the loose... you know, the more I write of this, the crazier it all seems. Anyway, there will be another exciting installment next month. Full credit to those involved - it was a great piece of television!

There was a point to the drama... sometimes we feel that we can't make a difference to stuff going on in the world and that only the super heroes can do something... but actually there is stuff that we can get all get involved with and actions that we can all take. Yay!

Next month, we are looking at campaigning and the following month we are looking at the environment. In fact we have a guest speaker in October from Tearfund who I accidentally accused of having a sex change ... hhhmm one of my more classic Amanda moments.

Actually, that could be a new feature of the blog... Jonny Baker has worship tricks on his blog - maybe I could have Amanda moments where I record my blunders and social faux pauxs. It could be a resource for all those people that need embarassing and humiliating things to do at public events. Man, this post is going in some bizarre directions. If I had categories on my blog, I think that this would need to go under overtired. Goodnight all.


Anonymous Youthblog said...

Still laughing about "The Justice Squad" I love the idea of this inequality combatting trio!

1:22 PM  

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