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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I have returned - you missed me, right?

Well, I was getting a little too obsessed with all things blog related so I thought I would take a step back for a while and get things in perspective....I am sure that fellow bloggers will agree that sometimes blogs can take over a little... I believe my perspective has been restored and feel that I am in a position to start posting again!

As ever, it has been a busy couple of weeks with lots of fun things thrown in. I went to see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang last night, which lives up to the good reviews that it has received. Although it drags in places, it was really very funny and clever. Val Kilmer put in a cracking performance and I was properly laughing out loud in places. This is worth mentioning as I will often I just smile and acknowedge a funny moment in a play/film/Tv programme etc rather than guffawing out loud. Well, there were definite guffaw moments last night.

Last week, me and Neil had a night out in London and went to see A Few Good Men at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. I didn't realise that Aaron Sorkin had written the play/film - he is also the creator of the mighty mighty West Wing. The play was great and Suranne Jones proved there was more to her than just Corrie. I have heard complaints that Rob Lowe is quite wooden and I was disappointed with his delivery at certain points. But it was still great to see the action played out on stage and know that everyone is waiting for those killer couple of lines...

Talking of West Wing, I have finally finished Season 6 although our TV blew up recently, which halted proceedings somewhat. I watched the last few episodes on my computer. Our TV is still in Electronic Hospital although the good people of Philips agreed to fix it for free despite it being out of guarantee. It has actually been great not having a TV. I don't watch loads of programmes and we tend to watch films most of all, but it has been wonderful to remove it completely for a while. We have both read more and talked more and played board games, including Bible Baffle, based on biblical trivia.

Anyway, my brief leisure update has reached its conclusion. It is good to be back.


Anonymous youthblog said...

Welcome back :-) Yes you were missed

8:41 AM  
Blogger Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Totally missed!

It's been a bit too laddish on the ol' blogosphere without you!!!

11:34 AM  
Blogger Phil Goodacre said...

tis indeed good to hear what you're up to again

6:20 PM  

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