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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

There is no feeling in the world like this

There is no feeling in the world like this. Both my boys are asleep and I keep going from room to room looking at them both with such love. Me and Neil seriously considered adopting rather than havign a baby in this way, for lots of reasons, but partly because even as Christians we thought that the world is so often a horrid place - how could we bring a new life into it? But I now realise that this miracle of life, this creation in God's image, my baby, is bringing God's kingdom to earth. The love that he already generates in us and others is revealing God's love. And, yes, the world is hard and rough, but we believe in redemption through Jesus, and my prayer for Daniel Toby is that as he grows in wisdom and knowledge, not only will he love Jesus but his words and actions will bring God's redemption and chinks of God's kingdom will shine through him.


Blogger Suse said...

Amen! That was a lovely post hun!

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