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Saturday, December 09, 2006

In Other News...

I have recently given up my subscription to New INternationalist magazine, as although it wasgood I just wasn't reading it. The last issue in particular was fantastic, with loads of articles looking into fair trade and the impact of ethical living going mainstream. I love the fact that it dares to suggest that the most ethical way of shopping is to go without. I am trying to do this but am nowhere near perfect. I think buying stuff second hand can be a compromise, or, as with Daniel's stuff, being given things. If you feel you need to repent, why not check out Revd. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping? And there surely must be a limit to ethical shopping... the arms manufacturer BAE Systems has recently announced that it is producing ethical weapons. I kid you not... apparently lead bullets can 'harm the environment and cause a risk to people.' I awlays thought bullets were fairly risky. Now, if you get shot, it could well be with an eco-bullet. Now things are just getting silly.


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