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Monday, July 02, 2007


I just seem to be in a place where my most beautiful moments - when I feel I can reach out and touch God - are all taking place outside of formal church settings. Some are fairly obvious, as they are centred around Daniel, especially his birth. However, others have been when I have been out and about soaking up God'd creation. This became literal when I was out on my bike and - surprise - it started pouring with rain. I had got to the top of a hill and was cycling at full speed down with the rain puring down. I was in beautuful countryside and it was all at once scary and funny and slippery and fast and breathless and wow! In that moment, I was so full of praise and prayer. The intensity of that moment soon left me, but I was left with a big smile on my face as I rode, praising God who has blessed me with good health and the opportunity to see him in the midst of exercise and English weather.

I still love God's funny bunch of oddness that is church, but I am also enjoying these special moments of awareness that seem to be coming when I am alone.


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