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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Daniel is 2!

Hallelujah, I have finished some things that I have been working on in my spare time, meaning that I can blog some more now! And I have a new found desire to actually do it as well. Once again, lots has been going on since I was regularly posting, including me working part-time and Neil starting work at church as part-time children's worker. I really should reflect a bit more on that, as we're still something of an oddity in the church world.

Daniel has also turned 2 and is such a sweety. I am both aware that I talk too much about my precious boy, but also find it hard to stop! I do see people's eyes glazing over, yet still have to report some funny anecdote that appears to be lost on them. It's just so lovely getting to know him more and so exciting that he is saying new words every day. One constant that still remains is his love for drums, hence we bought him a drum kit for his birthday, which needless to say, he adores. He makes us play along with his guitar and keyboard. As we are not musical, and not encouraging this, I blame church...

We had a great party for him and Neil made an amazing tractor cake, which was greatly appreciated by all. Toddlers birthday parties are shattering, though! Enough boring toddler talk that no one really cares about.. the pictures are cute though, right??


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