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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Amanda, stop procrastinating and get on with your essay...

Only a short post as I am trying to convince myself to either go to bed or get on with the reading for my essay rather than, you know, procrastinating, as I currently am!! Anyway, I am feeling fairly good. Bad days have been followed by better days and I am still struggling with staying on an even keel with God regardless of the external commotions of life! I had a flying visit to Oxford yesterday to see Jenny, a friend/ex-youth group member who is studying there. It is a beautiful city and I sampled the infamous (apparently) G & D's icecream... pretty good, although I am currently finding anything to replace the spot that Ben & Jerry's low fat frozen yogurt (Chocolate Brownie) has in my heart. Anyone looking for ideas for a birthday present??? Look no further....

It was great to see Jenny and catch up and pray about some of the stuff happening with her. Neil is away this week, therefore every spare moment is meant to be spent on my essay... hence late night blog entries....

On a more *interesting* note (assuming that many may find my late night drivel about ice cream slightly less than interesting...) I have been surprised about the lack of blogging interest in the court case of Sue Axon v Department of Health. Mrs Axon is challenging the DOH over guidelines that stated that it would be the exception to involve parents when discussing contraception with under 16s. She argues that families should be there to support under 16s considering abortion and parents have a right to know what advice is being given to their child. I believe that this has inplications for confidentiality between youth workers and young people, although this has apprently not been tested by law. I am a couple of weeks late posting about this and can't find out any more info... does anyone know what the outcome was?

I asked some young people what they thought - should parents have a right to know if their children are taking contraception or having abortions. The response was fairly mixed. I personally feel that it sahould be the exception for the parents to not know.... any one else have any thoughts?

On a lighter note, this is quite fun!


Blogger Phil Goodacre said...

mmmmm g&d ice cream is soooo good.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda,

It's Vivian, so you haven't finished your essay yet, join the club!!

If I can still have the book on Crusaders that would be great.

God bless

2:17 PM  
Blogger Suse said...

I am rejoicing because I have an introduction for my essay and a rough plan! But tomorrow street work is more exciting that essay writing but my dear Church leader wants to read the finished essay a week on sunday! :-s

6:25 PM  
Anonymous wais said...

Personally I don't think anybody has the right to inform parents about that kind of stuff. In the case of sexual abuse or something, maybe the best thing would be to inform the parent but in cases such as abortion or contraception it's different.

I would say it's a good idea to advise the child (when I say child, I mean however old they are) to tell their parents, particularly in the case of an abortion simply because they will need emotional support.

However, this doesn't give anybody the right to breach the trust the child has placed in that person. Furthermore, if a law were to be placed allowing the breaching of this trust, fewer children would inform the likes of youth workers or doctors in order to prevent their parents finding out, and thus would be facing a very difficult situation without the necessary help required.

Though I must say, it does sometimes astound me how incredibly unaware alot of parents are about what their children spend their time doing, and alot of the time I think the lack of communication has to do with pushing rules on the children - if you enforce a rule repetitively (whether it be a moral one or otherwise), if the child were to break it, of course they're not going to tell you about it.


10:14 PM  

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