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Monday, December 05, 2005

Aaahh... Happy Birthday!

Well, I had a great birthday weekend and am now v happy to be one year older. I had a lovely lunch with Neil on Friday, followed by a party in the evening. I was a tad disappointed that some people couldn't make it but it turned out to be a really good evening, with a steady flow of people coming and going. The last guest arrived at 1.15am approx, which was cool. Neil bought me a lovely stereo for our bedroom, which is ace as 3 of our CD players have broken in the last couple of months. How many CD players do we have, you may well ask...

Of course, birthdays aren't just about the presents but I did get some fantastic fluffy slippers, which absolutely rock. (Note to self - much too old to use words like 'rock' - just read Youthblog's post about overusing the word cool...) This reminds me of yesterday cos it was my nephew Adam's bday party. It was hilarious as he was so honest about his presents. Theer were a couple that he really liked and as soon as he opened all the others, he kept asking and looking at the ones he liked. It was quite humbling as our art box really didn't compete with the Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lego - I admired him for his honesty actually!

On Sat, I had lunch with some people from uni and I have worked out that it was 2 years since I saw people last. Shocking - sorry everyone! But it was great to see people and have a good chat. The youth club was excellent on Sat, loads of people and a good atmosphere. The weekend was finished off with going out for a drink with some friends after church last night, including an ill timed trip to Pizza Express. All in all, a lovely birthday weekend. Just need to finish the essay now...


Anonymous Alex said...

Woo happy birthday for then!

7:48 AM  

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