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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Postmodern Disciples: Stories Along the Way

Good titiel, hey?... Finally decided on a title for the research project for my course and I am really excited about it. It is goign to be based on qualitative research, just chatting to youth workers about their experiences and stories of disipleship, especially focussing on 1-1 work in comparison to more traditional youth programmes. The idea is that although the interviews will be fairly subjective, the telling of stories as a way of gathering research fits with our society at present. And I hope a few interviews will be more telling than a larger number of questionnaires... which in their own way are subjective! Anyway, I am pleased to have things a little more ordered in my head and scared that the project and another assignment need to be finished in 11 and a half weeks!

We were at Cliff College last week as a family and it was a good time. Neil had his first experience of being the primary carer and had a lovely, although tiring time. I think Daniel is in the early stages of teething and has beautiful rosy cheeks and lots of dribble. He continues to be absolutley smashing and is very aware when your attention is not on him. For instance, he knows if you are talking to him but concentrating on something else becuase he cries until your focus returns to him. He continues to love my singing (poor boy) and adores stories. Maybe I will include this in my research project as I look at the power of stories!


Blogger Weird Hippy said...

Hey, good to hear your managing to get your brain around cliff stuff with all else that's going on. If you need a interviewee let me know.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Suse said...

We all listened to your stories Amanda last week - i missed the end of one to go to chapel. :-s

THanks you for being such a class mate last week hun! Love to ya x x x

1:25 PM  

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