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Friday, August 17, 2007

Going to Greenbelt - Please Help!


I am about to book Greenbelt tickets for a small group of young people and I am v excited! Just trying to work out what the guidelines for the groups are and wondered whetehr anyone had and (serious or humorous) advice for taking away a youth group. Do you set a curfew (I probably will)? Do you stipulate how many times they must wash over the weekend? Can I demand that it doesn't rain? Can I add some kind of rule about limits to silly headwear? Also, we have got hardly any space in the cars so we don't have much space for food or equipment and I am used to camping with loads of stuff! Any menu suggestions? Although we are camping with a group that apparently has a shower and flush toilet...


Blogger Sarah Brush said...

We have guidelines for our group which I take to Taize based on the diocese of Oxford's guidelines. I'll email them to you!

Importatnyl the young people AND THEIR PARENTS should know the guidelines before they go.

You're lucky that under 18s literally CAN'T buy alcohol as they have the wrong coloured wristband but they may well bring it with them so you'll have ot be vigilant on that one.

washing? At Greenbelt? I suggest liberal application of babywipes. Alternatively you could organise them all to go to the swimming pool in Cheltenham at some point!!

I'd say the key thing is that you need under 18s to go round in at least pairs. It is a BIG site. I'd also want to know that they were all safely back at their tent by X o'clock (Greenbelt's tricky as that could be really late!)

Food suggestion - make stew a few days before, freeze it and take it with you frozen. Ours didn't defrost fully until the second night!! Personally I'd try to take loads of stuff anyway! An extra car??? A trailer? A top box?

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