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Monday, February 26, 2007

Daniel's Development

Daniel is such a sweety! He babbles loads now and is able to say b and l as well as vowel sounds. Well, the consonants come in the middle of a babble eg aaahhhbuhoooh. He also decided that the preach at the church that we were at was missing a little something and complimented it with a few minutes of his own special insights. He squeals with excitement as well and gives lots of smiles to most people who smile at him. He also really plays with toys now. LAst night, I was reading in the office and heard loads of banging and wondered what Neil was doing. I then found out it was Daniel banging his toy radio against the side of his cot! He can now roll from his back to side but hasn't quite made it from there onto his tummy! He loves eating all of his toys. I have recently been reading some stuff abotu baby-led weaning, the idea beign that you don't give any solids to your baby until they can eat them themselves, so thought I would see what he thought of a grape. But I chickened out - when I offered him a grape, he grabbed it instantly and put it straight into his mouth! I thought he was too yougn at 4 months for such things! Good coordination, though. He is lots of fun to be with and still loves songs, stories and poems. I love it all - well maybe not rubbish transport systems (see last post) and can't get enough of him! I even love it when he snuggles into me, only to discover that he was using me as a giant tissue and wiping bogies and/or regurgitated milk over me! Bless!
*Update* Don't try to give your baby grapes! It is a v bad thing cos they can choke! aniel didn't but I have read horror stories since then. Baby led weaning looked too scary so Daniel had his first taste of baby rice today... bless.


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