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Monday, February 26, 2007

Some Links

Ok ok, I know things have gotten a little baby oriented round here, but I kinda figured that while I was on maternity leave, no one would mind the photos and baby stories. I am thinking about youth issues, but all of my thoughts and time are going into college assignments. Here's some youth and baby links that are interesting though. I am surprised more people haven't picked up on this Unicef report which found the UK to be bottom out of 21 countries re children's well being. A recent Guardian poll also looked at how well parents know their teenage children. A response from teenager and mother is also interesting...

On a different note, the ELC has its yearly 20% discount on all arts and craft material. Always good value and I have found that art stuff designed for toddlers is also great for young people. I love messy play and worship! And Fairtrade Fortnight shoudl not be forgotten.

Onto ethical baby matters... feel I should point out that Nature Babycare does a great line in environmentally friendly baby wipes, nappies, nappy bags and breast pads amongst other things! Although I still think reusables are best and I wash bits of cloths that I use at home instead of wipes! Finally, when is the right time to introduce solids - baby led weaning is an interesting idea. FIanlly, I am currently coveeting this Tripp Trapp high chair. Must repent, although it is wooden and long lasting... better for the environment? Couldn't resist some baby stuff creeping in there!


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