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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Breathing a Big Sigh of Relief...

I am just feeling pretty good - work and personal life felt like they were spiralling out of control for a while, but for the last few days, things have settled down and I am back on more of an even keel. I really do not believe that my work proves myself to God and I want to spend more time just being, but I am finding that my default position is to work too hard and I am trying to explore why that is. SOmetimes it feels like a vicious circle - I am trying to distribute out some responsiblities to others, but I am too busy with responsibilities to sort it out!!

But things are settling down and I feel like I have more time to the 4 (yes 4!) gap year volunteers based at the church this year. I also can spend some more time reading which I love love love. I am reading Growing Souls by Mark Yaconelli, but I have barely started to be honest. First impressions are that it is very good, but there is lots of overlap with Contemplative Youth Ministry. I heard all 3 of his talks at Greenbelt and they were incredible despite the repetition; as I said to one of the young people I was camping with, it is like 'having my soul gently watered.' Maybe a lot of the stuff he is saying I need to hear again, especially in light of recent busyness!

On another note, being able to read more is giving me space to think ahead for a youth Bible Study next week. This term, we are looking at questions that people have and hell keeps cropping up - is there really such a place, if so why did God create it if he is loving?... ANy suggestions of resources, articles or books? I know Lewis has been thinking about this recently... I am looking forward to the challenge of thinking through this!


Anonymous Lewis said...

got some good books, but i haven't braved teaching on it yet. Let me know if you want them, they're not too long

3:21 PM  

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