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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Self Esteem

I am fairly pleased with a lesson for Year 12 girls that I have put together on Self Esteem. Big thanks to Ian for helping me out with trying to download clips from You Tube - in the end I used Miro and it worked beautifully!

I used clips from the Dove Self Esteem Fund, as well as Christina Aguilera's video of Beautiful. I ran the lesson for the first time yesterday and got on to some good discussion, including whether the media causes low self esteem or exacerbates an exisiting problem. I was able to share how my slef esteem is based on how I believe God sees me and read the Message's version of Psalm 139. It is such a vast subject that it was actually really hard to do it any kind of justice in an hour, and I was especially aware of not wanting to open up too many difficult issues that couldn't be followed up. Hope this was the case!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amanda, are you the youth minister of Enfield Baptist Church? I came across your blog accidently while googling youth and enfield. My mom (sorry mum) goes to Enfield Baptist. My name is Andy and I live in Georgetown South Carolina. I am a youth minister here. My mom and Alan and Di Goldring are flying out to visit this weekend (I think Alan and Di go to EBC). Do you know Jason Hamshaw? He is here with me on an intern program - he used to work for N:Flame.

Anyways, just wanted to say 'hi'.

Andy Morgan



7:50 PM  

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